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2014 Top 10 Kid-Tested Kid-Approved Toys {Review 1}

About 5 years ago, I wanted to give a particular gift to my son’s friend.
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I had something specifically in mind but the problem was that I couldn’t find it anywhere in any of the “super” stores. I was determined to find it and thought to check the Children’s Museum Store in the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Success! It was the only place in Indy where I was able to find this toy. The reason perhaps was because it is the largest independent specialty story in Indiana. Really, it’s huge. 8,000 square feet and 4,400 toys.

This year, the Children’s Museum Store asked my kids to participate in some further testing of the toys that made it to their 2014 Top 10 Kid-Tested Kid-Approved Toys list. The Children’s Museum Store relies on kids to come up with their Top 10 toy list. We were given three toys from the list to play with and keep so that I could write this review. This is not a sponsored post and the opinions in this review are all my own. I’ll be reviewing the three toys in three separately so make sure to check out the other posts too.

So let’s get to it! First, can I just say that I love this list. I love that kids test and pick their favorites! If you’ve ever been to the Children’s Museum Store, you’ll know that they always have toys out for kids to try before buying. It just makes good sense. You know what else makes good sense? Asking kids to rate their favorites. Okay, back to the list. Here it is:

Our first review will be about #3 Crazy Arron’s Foxfire Thinking Putty. It’s not silly. It’s pretty dang awesome. Their slogan is that when your hands are busy, it frees up space in your brain. Not only do my kids love to play with it, they are apparently getting smarter. I kid but in all seriousness, I love that my son gets so creative and plays with this putty so much. I personally love it too. I want my own.

Foxfire Thinking Putty glows in the dark. It comes with a small LED flashlight that lets you draw, making patterns or even words on it. You can see it change color quickly, right before you. We took some photos to show you how it changes from a light mint green to a sparkly, brilliant blue.

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So what do you do with the putty? My son bounces it like a ball, shapes it, pulls it, stretches it, breaks it and even makes a beard out of it to put on his face. Honestly, my 8 year-old son can play with this stuff for hours. It’s pretty addictive to play with. It doesn’t leave your hands smelly or sticky. You do want to be careful not to put it on fabric and it does pick up little bits of lint and such so don’t go trying to bounce a putty ball on the carpet. I love that it doesn’t require clean-up like modeling clay and has a great container. It’s also supposed to never dry out.

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Another thing I love about the Foxfire Thinking Putty is something I read on the box: “Thinking Putty is proudly Made in the U.S.A. by exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. They work as a team to develop vocational skills and economic self-sufficiency”.  That’s kind of a big thing for me.

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Remember that if you are a member at The Children’s Museum, you will get a discount on your purchase at The Children’s Museum Store. Also remember that your purchases at the Children’s Museum store support the museum!

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