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10 Child Friendly Features of the HP TouchSmart Computer

What really makes a computer "child friendly"? Features of a computer are pretty standard if not boring when it comes to kids . . . unless your computer is one big gigantic tablet! Here are some of the features my kids have loved about the HP TouchSmart:

HP Touch Smart All in One
  • Safety: You've heard me talk about the family safety features over and over. They really are on the top of my list. (and obviously, I'm the one who loves them, my kids have no idea) 
  • The Touch Screen: Obvious. Intuitive. Like a gigantic tablet that can do more stuff.
  • Zoom:. My nine year old daughter found a craft project on Pinterest and as she was explaining it to me I realized how often she was moving part of the screen around and zooming in on specific pieces she wanted me to pay attention to. Of course, the touch screen was a part of this, but bigger than that was her ability to interact around the content in a way that would be less intuitive on any other computer.
  • Video Chat: Video chatting with grandparents is the best!
  • Virtual Sticky Notes: Little sticky notes that can be left on the desktop. You can use your finger, the stylus, or the keyboard to write them.
  • DVD/Blue Ray Player: We've put the computer in our family room and actually ditched the TV.
  • Family Calendar: Easy to use family calendar - your elementary school aged kids can use it easily and leave their own notes etc.
  • Magic Desktop App: Comes standard on the computer and the kids love it.
  • Shared music, movies and photos.
  • Paint It: Check out the video below. Cool feature to turn photos into paintings.
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How often do your children use a computer in your home? What do they use it for? What programs and features do they use the most?

* This post sponsored by HP. We tested the product out and these opinions are our own.


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