Study Says a Career in Being a Mom Should Pay THIS MUCH

And that’s if we’re only paid for a handful of the jobs we do!
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By now it’s no surprise that stay-at-home moms work a crazy ton and are often underappreciated for all the work they do that isn’t exactly measurable.


But thanks to, we’ve got an estimate that might make those over-worked, emotionally exhausting hours seem more realistic and worth itto any skeptics out there.

Using their Salary Wizard tool, the company picked several common jobs associated with motherhood and tallied up the hours, multiplied by a national average salary for each field.

The average pay for that 96-hour-per-week job you’re all doing? $162,581 a year.

Not too shabby.

And look, we all know that being a stay-at-home mom is priceless to those who choose it, but a little validation is nice now and again.


Now if only I could somehow get my Target card linked  to my fake six-figure salary…



Should Parents Be Paid?

We have an economic and social system which makes it hard (both economically and socially) to be a stay-at-home parent and support a family on just one income.