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You Can Do It! A Fun Way For Families To Encourage Each Other

You Can Do It! A Fun Way For Families To Encourage Each Other.
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One of my goals as a mother is to foster an environment where my kids not only love each other, but actively support and encourage each other. Our family has implemented something that everyone from the youngest to oldest is able to participate in–it’s called “You {Can} Do It”, and a simple can is transformed into a really fun way for families to connect while helping each other gain confidence and feel support.

This cute can is a fantastic way to spread a little love through our family, show interest in what each family member is working on, and build sibling bonds. How does it work? Whenever one of them has a big test, athletic game, performance, tryout, or something they’re working hard on or nervous about, the rest of us will write little notes of encouragement and drop them in the can. Even the smallest can be involved by drawing pictures!

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It doesn’t have to be something big–it can be anything that is important to that family member. For one of my littles, it could be milestones like learning to ride their bike, tie their shoes, counting to 20, learning multiplication tables, etc. It can even be something like the courage to get up in front of the class, give a talk at church or make a new friend. Anything can be important, and anything goes.

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It’s simple, but effective, and gets kids actively involved with each other. Who doesn’t love reading words of support? I know I do!

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The can was super easy to make. I’ll tell you how I did it!


-new pint-sized paint can (I bought mine at Home Depot for a few dollars)

-drill, with metal bit


scrapbook paper and cardstock

-printable : download it HERE.


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-double stick tape

-mod podge & foam brush


1.Measure your paint can, then cut down a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper to fit around it. Use double stick tape to adhere it to the can. If your paper doesn’t fit all the way around, cut a small piece to fit in that space, overlapping the larger piece, and securing it well. Make sure to match up the paper if you’re using a pattern.

2.Download the printable, and print onto white or cream cardstock. Distress the edges if desired, then mat onto a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper. Adhere to the can with double stick tape. Using a foam brush, apply mod podge to the paper, then let dry completely.

3.Tie a ribbon around the can in a knot, then trim the ends.

4.Using a metal drill bit, drill two holes in the paint can lid–one on each side. Thread the twine through, and tie a knot to secure.

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You can buy crafty paint cans at places like Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics, and many of them already have the handle, so you could skip this step.

You’re done! LOVE it!!!

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You can always use another type of container–a mason jar, pail or bucket, basket–whatever you have on hand. Just download the printable, print on to cardstock, punch a hole in one corner, and tie it on to your container.

I’d love to know any ideas you’ve incorporated in your families to encourage and support each other!


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