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Wildflower Family Photos in Richardson, Texas

Springtime… there are so many wonderful photo ops out among the bluebonnets
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I’ve been doing bluebonnet sessions through the month of April and I LOVE wildflower photos with kids. It’s impossible to pass them up!  I relish that richness in color, and how children look so ‘fresh’ in them. I personally (well, and the State of Texas of course) call them flowers, but they really are weeds!

I don’t care. Bluebonnets make for a beautiful photo opportunity especially if you are a native Texan. You have to ‘do’ bluebonnets if you are from Texas. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to go anywhere else and do them!

Bluebonnets and other wildflower photos with kids, and pets too

My son REALLY wanted to take a picture with Kitty Perry so we brought him with us out to the bluebonnet patch, and my daughter loved the chance to be caught lounging among the wildflowers with her dog. So we had to bring him too. Why not?

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If you missed taking bluebonnet pictures with your kids this year, Richardson has another wildflower photo opportunity

Every year the city plants wildflowers. I suppose that means they aren’t REALLY wild but I think it’s a nice touch. I don’t know of any other city that does this. You can call the City of Richardson to get a map so you will know where to find them, but I know for certain that Cottonwood Park off Belt Line and Coit has them; Prairie Creek off Campbell and 75 blooms every year; and I took these at Arapaho Rd and 75. You can get there by turning into the post office or the library.

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