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What to wear for fall family photos

I love taking family pictures, but I really love when a professional does them for me.
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It’s so much easier to relax and enjoy the experience when someone else can suggest outfits, get the perfect poses, find the right lighting, and take their camera off auto. Let’s face it, I haven’t yet mastered all the functions of my Nikon. So I turned to my buddy Cortney from Bouncin Baby Photography for some expert advice on what to wear for the perfect Fall family photos. With all the colors changing around us, what a perfect time!

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Picking out clothing for your photos can be an endless search. When my clients ask me “what should we wear?” I tell them to keep it simple, no matchy matchy, and nothing too busy. If you have a home with warm browns and accented aquas, you don’t want to be wearing reds and purples in your family photo that is a 20×24 above your couch. Go for alike colors or as I like to say, dress to match the couch and living room. Your photographic art will then complement the space.


I personally struggle when it comes to what to wear for my family photo shoot. I have learned to keep it simple and follow a few rules. Although, I have been known to break the rules, and that’s ok too.

1.Pick three colors (one being a neutral) and put together outfits with those colors only. Three, that’s it. In the sample above you have blue, green, and white as the neutral. Here’s the thing, more than three colors can seem a bit busy. What are the neutrals? black, white, gray, khaki, etc. What about the yellow? I’m getting to that.

2.Add in an unexpected POP of color. The yellow accessories fit the bill. Be aware that this POP will become a focal point in the picture. Having it in headbands and shoes will make your eye travel around the image. That’s a wonderful thing in design and art!

Other tips:

3.Think coordinating, not matching. Again, unless you want your family picture to look dated circa 1990, try not to match outfits exactly.

4.Try and pick colors that complement the surrounding environment and/or the area of your home where the image will be hung.

5.Use your brightest colors as accessories. You don’t want the brightest colors detracting from the most important part of the picture: the PEOPLE! Rule breakers… the set below only has the THREE colors. Red is a bold color and really doesn’t need a POP in this case. Or if you want to argue, this is all neutrals with red as the POP. Either way, it’s a beautiful rule breaker.

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All neutrals! Great for matching any home decor.

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If all else fails and you just can’t decide, ask me. I’d be happy to rummage through your closet 🙂

The wonderful season of fall is upon us. That means the holidays are less than 90 days away and family photos are at the top of your must do list! Just in time for the colors and crisp air Bouncin’ Baby Photographer Cortney Jones is offering Fall Session Specials.

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Baby never looked so good!