Valentine’s For Classmates Ideas

Valentine’s For Classmates Ideas
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If you are looking to do something a little more special for your kids classes, check out these Valentine’s For Classmates Ideas–and my take on how easy it is to actually make them!

Crayon Heart Valentines are by far my kids favorite ones to make and give. As a parent, it does require you to buy a heart-shaped cookie or muffin pan, but these are pretty easy to find. I use one from Wilton that I picked up at my Walmart. Also, your kids will love getting special cookies later on! Kids can help by removing paper and breaking up the crayons (this is probably why my kids love this one so much!). They can also scoop the pieces into the pan. Parents will need to do the actual baking and handling the hot pans–but surprise, surprise: They actually do come out of the pan, I promise! This is also a way to recycle all those broken crayons, we keep ours in a bucket, and bring home the crayons from restaurants that are just thrown away when we leave so this can also be a lesson in recycling. We have made a couple dozen of these crayons and have never had to buy crayons for them. Their classmates loved them!

For older kids, you might try the Magic Message Cards. We made these when my son was 7, and it was a little bit of a challenge until he got the idea. However, he loved that he got to go around his class and show all his classmates how they worked! The kids thought they were very cool too. (I have used this idea to do review projects at my school with the 11th grade students…always a hit even with those big kids!)

Both of these ideas came from Family Fun magazine–you HAVE to check them out! They have great craft ideas in every magazine, as well as a great searchable website! They have a whole page organized just for Valentine’s Day here.

Another site that I love for ideas is Tip Junkie, she has some paper craft ideas here but check out the whole site for fabulous ideas!

Finally, check out Kaboose for other ideas that kids can make. We made the Valentine Handprint Wall Hangings for our grandmas last year, but it would be sweet for a nanny or daycare teacher too.