Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

I love Valentine’s Day!
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It’s the only time, other than Christmas Holidays, that I find myself wanting to bake and cook and yes…eat more! So I wanted to share three favorite goto foodie blogs that have recipes for heart day that I love.

Add these to your recipe index and your sweet tooth will forever be satisfied!

Check out Picky Palate for these decadent Giant Hershey Kissed Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies! Your mouth is about to water!

Next up- 2-Ingredient Salty-Sweet Dark Chocolate Bark…..YUM! You read about this lovely treat at Savory Sweet Life  and the actual recipe here. Seriously just two ingredients…and isn’t dark chocolate good for you!? Yes…Yes it is!

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And last but not least….Six Minute Chocolate Cake with Chocolate-Balsamic Glaze…brought to you by Noble Pig. Now I know what you’re thinking…6 minutes…really! Yes…give or take a few! Also requires no eggs and your don’t need a mixer (cause I don’t have one!) Now that’s my kind of dessert!

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Hope you have fun making these lovely treats for your sweetheart! Did I mention that’s what I call myself in the mirror…so go ahead and make it for yourself too!