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Valentine Party Ideas

In charge of the class party?
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Here are some of my favorite Valentine party ideas to help you get things going: VALENTINE PARTY ACTIVITIESLots of times, teachers will ask Room Mom’s to create “centers” for the students to move through during the Valentine party. Here are a few that have been a hit for me before:

  • WRITE SILLY LOVE POEMS. Here is a great guide from Bruce Lansky at Giggle Poetry for helping kids write their very own “Roses are red, violets are blue” poem. They love a chance to perform these in front of each other. It might be fun to have them write these in groups too.
  • CREATE VALENTINE COUPONS. Let them create Valentine coupons for their family members. Family Fun has excellent Valentine coupon printables that look like real checks. So cute.
  • CONVERSATION HEART FUN. Let them arrange conversations hearts into a meaningful or silly letter. They can glue them onto the page or just eat them! You can also set them up to do all kinds of conversation heart crafts. Home and Garden has lots of great ideas.
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This is my ALL TIME favorite Valentine party game. I have played it with all age groups from 1st grade to 6th grade and it is always a hit. Here’s how it’s done:

1.Make a list of famous “couples” that children in this age group would know. “Barbie and Ken,” “Minnie and Mickey,” “Rapunzel and Flynn” etc. Here is a site that lists a few.

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2.Write the name of each famous person on your list on a half sheet of paper. Make sure you have enough for each child to receive one name. (If there is an odd number, you or the teacher will have to play.)

3.Give students the instructions: I am going to put on your back the name of a person who is part of a famous couple. These are couples you have heard of.When I say, “Go!” you will try to guess the name of the famous person on your back by asking “yes” or “no” questions. You might ask, “Am I a boy?” or “Am I in a Disney movie?” or “Am I a pop singer?” Please ask each person you talk to only 3 questions and then find someone else to talk to. Once you guess who you are, try to find your “mate.” “Barbie” for example is a couple with “Ken.” Once both you and your mate have figured out who you are, link arms and continue to play the game by helping answer questions for others.

4.Without showing the students the names, use masking tape to put a name on each student’s back. Insist on silence until everyone has their names on and then say, “Go!”

5.They love this game. Love it. Usually they wish they could do the whole thing again. Sometimes when I am running low on “famous couple” ideas I’ll use “Salt” and “Pepper” or the name of their teacher and his or her husband or wife. This makes them laugh.


  • SWEET TREAT. Strawberry ice cream soda served with a red licorice straw. (A variation on the Sac Chef’s Halloween soda idea.) It isn’t exactly easy to sip through the licorice straw, but kids have fun trying to do it.
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  • HEALTHY OPTIONS. Our school has a “healthy treat” requirement for class parties. Instead of sugar cookies, we have cookie cut ham and cheese sandwiches into heart shapes, mini-bagels with strawberry cream cheese and fruit kabobs served on toothpicks or straws. Kids find plenty of sugar throughout the day and seem equally as delighted by our creative healthy choices for party treats.


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