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Turkey Leaf Hair Clip

My little sister came over today, and she loves crafts too!
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She had fun looking at the mess in my craft room to decide what to make.(I’m kind of a hoarder!) She decided to make a hair flower and then while looking through my silk flowers she found my silk leaves (they were scattered in the grass in my Turkey Pumpkin Post because we don’t have many leaves here!). Anyway, long story short together we came up with this turkey leaf hair clip.  What a stylish Thanksgiving craft!

Materials Needed:

Silk Leaves(Fall Colors)

Brown Felt

Tiny Scraps of Blue (or any eye color) Felt (or buttons, paint, embroidery floss, whatever…)

Tiny Scrap of Yellow and Red Felt(or paint or embroidery floss)

Metal Hair Clip

Safety Pin(optional)

Hot Glue


Cut out a bowling pin shape turkey body(as seen on the turkey pumpkin post) out of the brown felt.

Add eyes. My sister hot glued scraps of felt, I dabbed paint dots. We also considered embroidering them. Do the same thing for the beak and the waddle.

Hot glue the turkey body to the leaf or leaves. My sister did a great big turkey, using lots of colorful leaves, but I wanted mine to be a bit smaller and simpler, so I just used a single small one.

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Next, cut a scrap of fabric that is just barely bigger than the main part of your hair clip. Clip your hair clip onto it.

Hot glue the clip and fabric scrap to the back of your turkey, you can also do the same for a safety pin.

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My sister has a fun style, she wears those ears all the time! I had her pose with the two different clips, and then we wanted to show you one pinned to a shirt. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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