Tis The Season For Giving

The economy is hitting many families pretty hard.
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I, like many other people, lost my job in May.  Money is tight and Christmas gifts won’t be as abundant at our house this year.  Even though we are feeling the burden of only one income, there are many families out there that have it worse than us.  Because of this my husband and I felt the need to start teaching our kids about the gift of giving.

Earlier this week we ate dinner at Chic- Fil-A here in Wylie.  In the dining area, they have set up an Angel Tree.  Everyday, someone comes by and adds names to the tree.  It’s hard to think that there are so many little kids that may not have a Christmas this year.

After we ate dinner, we walked the boys over to the tree, explained what the names were for, and we let them both pick their own “angel”.  We then ran across the street to Target and scoped out the toy section.

Target had a great selection of toys that were not very expensive.  In fact, We bought two large talking Transformers, a few movies, and a WWE action figure for $5 each.  Not bad at all.

After we checked out, we drove back to Chick Fil A and let the boys walk the toys into the store and put them in the box all by themselves.   They were happy to do it.  It makes my heart happy that they are willing to buy things for kids they don’t know.  They didn’t even put up a fight when asked to take the items inside and never see them again.  Maybe, just maybe my kids aren’t as rotten as I thought.

Update:  Ever since the day we gave gifts to our “angels”, when my 5 year old sees a tree with names on it, he asks if he can buy something for a needy kid.  That make’s me smile.