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Third Monday Trade Days

Years and years ago when you heard the words “flea market”, you would picture a huge, multi-family garage sale.
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Lots of old “junk” or items that no one wanted any more.  Things have changed over the years.

I absolutely love when the third weekend of the month comes around.  When it does, the family and I head over to McKinney for Third Monday Trade Days.  This is a smaller version of Canton’s First Monday and is a lot closer for those of us who don’t want to drive all that way.

Yes, there are still people who take all their unwanted items, but it is mostly people selling their crafts.  I love going to look at new crafty things and I always say to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I could do that!”

Last month while walking around the Trade Days area, I ran into a booth with some very interesting products.  Vinyl cut into different fun things.  I almost walked by because I have seen companies who have done something similar, but charge an outrageous amount of money.  In The Tree Top is very reasonable.  The kids and I bought a few vinyl decals to put on our Halloween pumpkin.  The kids had a blast putting the spiders and face on.

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They also make chalkboard cut outs and different things for your wall.  My favorite thing that I have seen from them is a family tree cut out.  You can put different frames on the tree to show off your family.  Next time you are out at Third Monday Trade Days, you should check out In The Treetop’s booth.  They really have some awesome ideas.

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