The Ultimate Backyard Movie Night GIVEAWAY!

We’re hanging on to summer with all we’ve got and there’s nothing we love more than a backyard movie night.
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We want to share the magic so we’re hooking one lucky winner up with ALL the fixins' necessary to host your very own backyard movie night for ALL of the rest of the summers AMEN!

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

Epson Home Cinema 660 Projector

If lumens are your thing there’s like, a load of lumens in this thing. {like 3,300 of them). This is the best outdoor movie projector to start building your outdoor theater system.

The picture quality is amazing, it’s easy to use and connect to.

You can find out more or snag your own HERE.

Value: $329.00

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ION Sport Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

It’s light, easy to use, my kids have been hauling it everywhere. Trust me, we’ve been listening to Mama Mia at unholy volumes in the kitchen these days with this handy speaker. It’s portable, water resistant and connects to your device via Bluetooth. It’s the perfect outdoor movie speaker, but will also be a great outdoor speaker for little league (you know you’ve got a walk on song for your kid), the beach - wherever you want to take it.

You can find out more or snag your own HERE.

Value: $129.00

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The Yardmaster Plus Outdoor Movie Screen

This is from Elite Screens and is the dual variant mode which means you can project from the rear and it creates a bright clear image from both the front and the back. How? MAGIC. That’s all you need to know. But most importantly, when you host like 1 billion people for you backyard movie night they can be sitting pretty much ANYWHERE and still see the movie screen. Bonus - we’ve set up a few outdoor screens in our day, this one was EASY.

Value: $240.50 - $350.50

You can find out more or snag your own HERE.

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3 Live Infinitely Double Outdoor Camping Hammocks

When you’re hosting 1 billion people sometimes you need to seat people in the sky. That’s where the backyard hammocks come in. My kids (who are hammock connoisseurs claim that the straps included with these outdoor hammocks are THE BEST). Is hammocking a thing where you live? Because it is here. It’s like an activity. So you can use these in your backyard, take them up the canyon, by the creek, camping, wherever you go to recreate you’ve got extra seating in the sky. (P.S. my kids have set these things up at insane heights, so maybe keep an eye out)!

Value: $100

You can find out more or snag your own HERE.

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Deadline: September 3rd 2018 @ 11:59 p.m.


Huge congrats to KatieH! ENJOY!



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