The Magic of Mickey’s Halloween Party

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However, we received complimentary tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party.
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I had the opportunity to take my son to Disneyland for the first time on the first night of Mickey’s Halloween Party. If you haven’t heard about Mickey’s Halloween party, read my post,Mickey’s Halloween Party: The Lowdown. It was just the two of us. He’s 7 and we’re good buddies but as he gets older, it’s been harder and harder to find that time we had together before he started school. My husband agreed that taking my son to Disneyland would be unforgettable. So what made our visit to Disneyland even more special for us? It was like your typical Disneyland trip but amped up with an extra dose of enchantment and merriment.

When you go to Disneyland, it’s like you’ve stepped into another magical world. When you attend Mickey’s Halloween Party, you walk into the same magical world but with a Halloween twist. Part of the joy of Halloween is decorating your house and dressing up in costumes. Nowhere else do you get to see this on such a huge scale but at at Disneyland during Halloween Time  and at Mickey’s Halloween Party. The Halloween decorations are bewitching and festive. My favorite was the Haunted Mansion as Jack Skellington’s crew have taken over for the 13th year. Everyone gets dressed up including Disney characters culminating in Mickey’s Costume Party cavalcade.

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The trick-or-treat trails are scattered throughout the park. It really is the best neighborhood we’ve ever been trick-or-treating in. I’m pretty sure that will be a one-upper story for my kid for the rest of his life. Well, let’s be honest, it will be a one-upper story for me too. “You went trick-or-treating at the mall? Huh. That’s cool. I went trick-or-treating in Disneyland.”

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So the verdict? Did we find the Disney magic? Yes, and in abundance. Mickey’s Halloween Party gave us loads to remember. And perhaps the one that will stick with me the most is that my son, who hasn’t held my hand since his first day in Kindergarten didn’t hesitate to hold my hand while we were there, and tell me over and over that he was having so. much. fun.

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