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The Endless Sunsplash Summer

The calendar reads September, which typically signifies the end of summer.
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However, in Arizona, school started almost a month ago and it is still over 100 degrees outside, so it’s no wonder I’m confused about my seasons.  Nonetheless, my son, Daniel and I decided to celebrate whatever season this is with a trip to the local waterpark.

We ventured to the Sunsplash waterpark in Mesa, near our home.  We decided that we would take turns choosing the attraction we would go on and I went first.  It’s no surprise that my forty something year old body wanted to start with the lazy river, just to get acclimated to the water, of course.  After our second float around the river, it was Daniel’s choice.  He chose the Master Blaster slide, which we rode on a raft for two and it jettisoned us down a fast chute of water.  The best part of the ride was the water jets that would push us up the roller coaster-like inclines and send us  swirling down the tube.  Literally, it was a blast!

My next pick was the blue and green Thunder Falls.

Daniel and I hauled the four-person yellow raft up three flights of stairs for the forty second ride.  While it was exciting, the real adrenaline was spent on the the hike with the raft!

Daniel’s next choice was the wave pool.  We waded out to the middle of the pool, surrounded by loads of parents and children who all were vying for the same coveted spot.  As the simulated waves began, Daniel decided to turn his back to the oncoming waves and be surprised.  The best part for me was watching his reaction to the wave enveloping him and his sheer enjoyment of being knocked around!

We mutually decided the Bonzai slides should be next.  Daniel decided we should race against each other on the neighboring slides.While I was having fun, I couldn’t help but suffer from some self-consciousness as I huffed and puffed up the hill to the top to the Bonzai slide. Also, to say that my skin is ghostly white is an insult to ghosts.  Milk has more color than my skin.  As I placed my arms behind my neck,  crossed my feet and took off down the straight, white slide, I didn’t have more than a moment to wonder if I was, in fact, whiter than the slide itself.  Little did I know, I was traveling at 25 miles per hour and as I hit the water, I skidded across the top of the pool and emerged with what I can only describe as the ultimate wedgie.  To add insult to injury, Daniel won the Bonzai slide race.

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As our day progressed, Daniel’s energy and enthusaism never waned.  As I watched him effuse about each attraction and how much fun he was having, all I could think about was how just three short months ago, this same little boy was having his appendix removed.  I glanced at his tummy as he spoke, and smiled at him as I noted that his appendectomy scars were barely noticeable anymore.

Our next adventure led us to the Black Hole slide and we went down it in succession.  Of all the rides, this one was my favorite.  As I coasted down the total darkness of the slide, it reminded me of the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland.  I had no idea which direction the waters were taking me as I careened down the slide.  We had to do that one again!

After the Black Hole slide, we got in line, retrieved single tubes and made the trek up to the Cyclone and Hurricane slides.  We coasted down the big, turquoise slides to their enviable end in the splash pool.  I popped off my innertube and landed in the pool.  It wasn’t my most graceful exit, but it was a fitting end to summer!