The 5-Compliments-a-Day Purse Every Mom Wants as a Gift

I just came in from running an errand and sat down at my computer.
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Yet again, I was stopped by 3 people during the course of my shopping to ask where I got my purse.  And it’s only noon.  So, I’ve decided to let the secret out.  The secret of where I got my 5-Compliments-a-Day Purse.

My 5-Compliments-a-Day Purse

Yep, that’s what I call it.  I’ve carried it for almost a full year now, and it never fails to generate compliments and questions for “Where did you get that?  It’s beautiful!!”  In fact, I got one because I asked a lady about hers as we were waiting for a table at a restaurant and my husband – the observant one with a good memory in our family – actually remembered her answer.

Here it is (and forgive me for blasting a huge pic of my family,but that’s kind of the point of the whole bag….and yes, I realize I’m missing part of my family, as baby Kate was just born when I got this purse):

There are lots of photo bags available on the internet (see the article I did last year on theBest 5 Gifts for Mother’s Day, which included links to many of the sites that provide them – though, ironically enough, not where my husband purchased this one).  Having seen many of them in the past year, I do think this purse, while more expensive than many of the others you could get, is a much higher quality.  They are actually handmade (unlike many of the photo bags you can buy online), and this one has taken as much abuse as 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a mini-van encrusted with cheerios and granola bars can give it and still looks great.

My husband took an image of our family taken by local talented photographer Kim Peichel () and uploaded it to the Gina Alexander website ().  He ordered the Classic Medium Size photo bag, which retails for $185.  (Just so you know I’m not a purse snob, the one I carried before this had been with me six years, was barely bigger than a wallet, and cost me $6 on clearance at Target.) He told me later that the process was so easy….but it did take a while to come in the mail – my gosh, they’re handmade, so no wonder.  If you are trying to hit a special occasion or date, make sure to order early.

Today was actually the first day I’ve been on the Gina Alexander website, and gee, it looks like she’s really big with celebrities.  Faith Hill, Penelope Cruz….wow, what great company I didn’t know I was in!

But Hollywood aside, I’m sure now that the secret is out on, there will be a big uptick in orders for Gina Alexander photo bags. Make sure to order super-early for Mother’s Day!