The 5 Best Turkey How To Videos on YouTube

Let’s talk turkey.
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re in charge of the turkey for the first or fifteenth time, there is always some new and magical to learn.

AND, let’s face it…cooking that bird is stressful. Unless you’re my Dad, or my Aunt, who seem to be able to just effortlessly whip up that turkey year after year. Maybe we should put them on YouTube…

Our first stab at cooking a turkey was a few years ago when we hosted our first Thanksgiving. I was so nervous. Now, I’m no rookie in the kitchen, but there is something about the investment of money, time, and the fact that this holiday is about THE FOOD…makes it pretty important not to mess up THE FOOD.

That’s where YouTube came in. Because seeing someone cook that bird, is different than reading it about it and seeing one glorious photo of the finished product in your cookbook.

Especially when you’re dealing with directions that are guiding you through cleaning and then subsequently stuffing a body cavity.

Moving on.

Here are five of the best turkey how to videos on YouTube. They are the best because they are simple to follow, don’t require some trip to an exotic grocery store for a high-priced ingredient, don’t require special equipment, and look absolutely FANTASTIC when the bird is done.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your turkey be delicious and may your family refrain from talking about the election results at dinner.

The 5 Best Turkey How To Videos on YouTube


If you’ve never laid eyes on a turkey and/or roasting pan, this is the tutorial for you. No fancy pants techniques.


Because you’re also going to be making the foundation of a delicious gravy too.


Want to MacGyver some turkey? Grab a loaf of bread, it’s time to expand your horizons.


Lots of recipes call for buttering the bird. But Gordon’s butter is looks good enough to eat with a spoon. Then he adds BACON. (Christmas Turkey or Thanksgiving turkey…who cares.)


Want to give a brined turkey a try. Great tips on the logistics of brining—and roasting.


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