The 10 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas in DFW – from $5 and up

Valentine’s Day among my friends is a love-it or hate-it holiday.
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Some of us, generally with the more romantic of significant others, love the holiday and love the excuse to get sappy with men who have seen us more often at our worst than we care to admit.  Others, who may be between S.O.’s or with husbands whose idea of an acceptable Valentine’s gift is a card with a hastily scrawled “Love, John” at the bottom, it is low on the list of holidays to celebrate.

But for all of us (even those who love it), and especially those who have been with the same partner for many years, Valentine’s is something added to our long list of to-do’s, because unfortunately great gift ideas are harder to come by than a woman who can fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans.  And it’s likely you used those great ideas when you were in the early years of your relationship.

Well, ladies, never fear: has done a lot ofresearch for you and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite romantic Valentine’s gifts.  Several of these won’t break the bank, either.  So, browse our list, check out the links, and put a plan in place to make your man’s heart flutter on Valentine’s Day.

1.  Wallpaper a room with construction paper hearts.  My husband will cringe that I am sharing this with you, but it is one of the sweetest present he ever gave me.  We were dating, he was between jobs at the time, and money was tight.  He bought a pad of construction paper, some markers, and papered my living room walls with big paper hearts that said “I love you”, “Be Mine”, and various other conversation-heart sayings.  I was overwhelmed when I came in the house, cried (of course)…..and left them up until May.  Cost?  Somewhere around $5 for the paper, markers, and tape.