The 10 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube {For You!}

The 10 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube {For You!}
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Sometimes I just want to do some fun make-up and not worry about a huge costume for Halloween-especially with kids! Here are 10 amazing tutorials on how to do just that

2.Comic Book Makeup

3.Masquerade Mask Makeup

So much easier than dealing with wearing a mask all night!

4.Cracked Broken Doll

If you wanted to, you could just do the doll look or go all the way and add the cracks.

5.Mermaid Makeup

As a lover of mermaids…this is perfect.

6.Bride of Frankenstein

This one may require that you style your hair straight up…but I really feel like it’s worth it!

7.Kitty Cat Makeup

Easy, classic and always a favorite. Add ears and you’re done.


If you have bangs…you pretty much have to do this one!

9.Big Bad Wolf

This tutorial could be easily transposed to any furry creature and is just gorgeous.

10.Pink Deer

I love this play on what has become a classic makeup look for Halloween.