That’s a Great BIG Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The closer it gets to Halloween, you may see more ghosts and goblins coming out out of the woodwork.
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Of all the very special spooks the most famous would have to be The Great Pumpkin, who was popularized by Charlie Brown.  The Great Pumpkin may be a myth to some, but I have seen him.  He does live.

This evening I, along with my husband and two boys, went to Sam’s to pick up a few things.  As we were walking around, filling up our baskets, we ran across boxes full of giant pumpkins.  I’m not talking about “giant” pumpkins that you may find at a pumpkin patch.  You know, those that are smaller than a basket ball, but cost around $15?  No, I’m talking about pumpkins the size of small babies, and at a price of under $9, we couldn’t resist buying one.

We dug through the boxes until we found the best looking one.  The fattest, tallest, most unugly of them all… and, by the way my husband was acting, the heaviest too.  We threw it in our basket and we ran to the check out.  The poor thing wouldn’t fit in my back seat with the kids, so we had to maneuver it in a way that it would sit just right in between the back captain chairs.  We just crossed our fingers that my husband wouldn’t have to slam on the breaks, or pumpkin guts would be all over my poor Tahoe.

Did we bring home the popular Mr. Pumpkin that I mentioned earlier?  Maybe not, but I do believe he was in there somewhere.  We may have grabbed a sibling or a cousin, but there is no doubt in my mind that he was in one of those boxes, using his magic in ways we will never know.  How does the legend go?  On Halloween night he leaves presents for all the little boys and girls (or something like that).  Well, if that is true, I almost hate to cut into him and turn him into a Jack-O-Lantern…

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