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Thanksgiving May Be Over…

Thanksgiving is over.
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The leftovers are dwindling and everyone is gearing up for December and holiday mode. And although another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone, the first week of December is the perfect time to reflect on the previous month to remind us to be thankful, ALL the time.

In doing so, I will blatantly rip off my sister-in-law, Shauna, who posted the 30 things she is thankful for on her Facebook page. For those of you who believe I have never had an original thought, I swear, these are my OWN thoughts of gratitude. So here they are, in no particular order, one item per day for the month of November, the “thankful” month:

Nov. 1 : I am truly grateful for the roof over my head and the fact that there is food in my house. So many people are losing their homes and don’t have enough to eat.

Nov.2 : I’m thankful that I have not one, but two jobs! I appreciate that I have somewhere to go each morning and a blog to keep me happy!

Nov 3: I am grateful for all the BAD things that happen in my life. If I did not have the bad, I certainly would not treasure the “good” nearly as much.

Nov. 4: I am appreciative of my 8 year-old’s sense of wonderment about the world. It is a true blessing to get to see this world through his unjaded perspective.

Nov 5: I am thankful for my wonderful family. I am lucky to have such a great support system!

Nov 6: I am thrilled that I have such great parents. I miss my dad, but know he is still with us. My mom makes me laugh!

Nov 7: I am so pleased that I have had my mom come visit my family for the past two months. I don’t know when it will happen again and I am just relishing every moment we have together.


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Nov 8: I am happy that I live in a state with so much beautiful scenery. Sedona, Arizona is a magical place!

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Nov 9: I am thankful for: make-up. Seriously, I am in my mid-forties; of course I am thankful for make-up!

Nov 10: I am thankful for exercise. No, really. It is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anything that relieves stress, I am thankful for!

Nov 11: I am in awe and eternally appreciative to the veterans of this country. Anyone who puts their life on the line for the freedom of others deserves reverence on a daily basis.

Nov 12: I am very blessed to live in the USA. I could have been born anywhere, moved anywhere, but I get to live in the best country ever.

Nov 13: I am glad that I live in a country where I get to vote. It is something none of us should take for granted.

Nov 14: I am quite satisfied with an early Sunday morning, beautiful sunshine, and a very large newspaper to peruse.

Nov 15: I am appreciative that I have the world’s best friends. Wow, did I luck out in the friend department!!

Nov 16: I am grateful for technology. My mom thinks it is the bane of humanity, but I am gratified to know that I can keep in touch with friends and family that are far away, obtain information in a matter of seconds, and even write this blog!

Nov 17: Which leads me to you; someone who is actually reading this blog! Thank you!!

Nov 18: I am partial to roller coasters. Yeah, it might be a crazy thing to be thankful for, but that adrenaline rush lets you know you’re alive!

Nov 19: I am appreciative for all that God has done for me, each day.

Nov 20: I couldn’t be more thankful for my beautiful children and their good health. They drive me crazy but I love them more than life itself.

Nov 21: I am glad that I have a decent sense of humor. It has certainly gotten me through some tough times.

Nov 22: I’m thankful for downtime. If I didn’t have time to relax and reboot, well, I’d be relying on my sense of humor a lot more than I do now!

Nov 23: I am grateful for my memories. I have had many wonderful moments in my life, of many wonderful people. I am glad I can remember it all!

Nov 24: Oh yeah! Not only am I happy and thankful for the turkey and the fantastic food that comes with it, but I am estatic that I did not have to cook it!

Nov 25: I am very appreciative of music. Life would be boring without a “soundtrack to our lives”.

Nov. 26: I would like to thank my dogs for their unconditional love. They may be stinky and bark a lot, but they let me know they love me!

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Nov 27: I am thankful for my husband: that he puts up with me.

Nov 28: I appreciate movies, even ones I have seen hundreds of times. They’re entertaining and comforting, too.

Nov. 29: I am thankful for a cup of steaming, delicious coffee on a bitter cold morning. No better way to start the day!

Nov. 30: I am thankful that this month has only 30 days! I am also appreciative of all that is special and good in my life. My New Years’ Resolution will be to take stock of all the good in life a little more often. But first, I need to get through the holidays; I’ll be thankful when they’re over!


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