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Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations

I cannot find a radio station that isn’t playing Christmas music.
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The aisles at Costco look like the Festival of Trees. But just in case you have a few responsibilities in the way of Thanksgiving, I love these Thanksgiving dinner invitations from Fun Properly Done. 

This Thanksgiving dinner invitation rotates so you can place the details of your event around the pie. How cute is that?

There is also this Thanksgiving dinner cornucopia invite. The back of each vegetable gives space for the time and place and then tucks into the cornucopia. This could also be a fun “I am thankful for you” card.

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Personally, I am still in the “bring a pie” to grandma’s house stage. But if I were hosting, these Thanksgiving dinner invitations would be a beautiful way to invite family and friends to the feast.


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Halloween Dinners

Our family seems to center our traditions around food – no wonder I have such a hard time losing weight!