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Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

‘Tis the season to appreciate teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7-11 this year.
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As a former teacher and now a full-time mama, I truly value the work of educators at every level.  My son’s Pre-K teachers are dedicated, patient, and caring.  They create an environment where my son has blossomed socially, academically, and creatively.  I am thankful for the work they do each day.  To know that your child loves to learn and looks forward to going to school each day is invaluable.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, it is a super excuse to spoil and pamper the teachers in your life.  But, what should you do?  This was my question, as well, because I know that educators have their fair share of mugs and apple-themed presents.

Pinterest is a cornucopia of unique gift ideas.  I could spend days browsing the possibilities.  Here are some of my favorites:

This is adorable and easy!  I think plants are a great gift and your teacher will think of you every time he or she sees it on their desk.  Courtesy of accidentallywonderful.blogspot.com.

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Bring on summer!  This is so cute – I would have loved this gift when I was teaching.  Courtesy of skiptomylou.org.

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Who doesn’t love a little chocolate?  Courtesy of therachelberryblog.com.

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Personalized hand sanitizer?  The germaphobe in me likes this.  Courtesy of www.etsy.com.

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Adorable pencil bouquet?  Yes, please!  Courtesy of thehappyscraps.blogspot.com.

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Flowers for the teacher with a personal touch.  Courtesy of thecraftingchicks.com.

 How do you pamper your teachers?  Happy Teacher Appreciation to all those teachers out there!