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Summer Reading Rewards!

Summer Reading Rewards!
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It’s that time! Report cards are home and we have all gotten the letter or email from teachers reminding us not to let our school-age kids slip too much on their skills during the summer. My son has brought home TAKS workbooks for two years now, with the encouragement that he finish them for practice over the summer. (Can we say, NOT going to force rote drills on him during the summer time?)

However, both as a mother and as a teacher, I don’t believe in slacking off during the summer. That is why I LOVE summer reading programs that let the kids earn rewards for doing something I want them to be doing anyway! There are great programs starting already, here are a few that I have found in our area:

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program Runs from May 24th to September 6th. Kids going into K-6 grades can read 8 books and fill out a Reading Journal to receive a free book.

Rowlett Summer Reading Club And pretty much all area libraries. For kids that can read and be read to. Great way to keep big kids reading and little ones getting read to–if your school aged kids read to the little one, they can both get the time credit! Great prizes too, in small increments. This will be the second summer for my 3 year olds, so little kids CAN do this!

Half Price Books Open to kids 14 and younger, Kids chart their reading for the months of June and July.  If they read more than 600 minutes (that is actually just 10 hours, over the whole summer!) bring the reading chart in to a Half Price Books for a $5 Back-to-School Bucks reading reward!

Borders Kids read 10 books and bring in the form to get a free one. There are a few Borders still left in the Dallas area, you can check for locations here.

Chuck E Cheese’s Reading Rewards Program Parent can print this and bring it in for some free game tokens.

Have fun reading this summer! Has anyone else heard of great summer reading rewards?