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Summer Reading Fun at the Wylie Rita & Truett Smith Public Library

Summer Reading Fun at the Wylie Rita & Truett Smith Public Library
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There are so many fun things going on this summer at Wylie’s Rita & Truett Smith Public Library, I almost don’t know where to start (if you live in or near Wylie and haven’t been to this library, you must check it out…it’s got an amazing Children’s section, complete with pint-sized furniture, bins full to the brim with board books, and pretty much every children’s book you could ever imagine!).

So, I’ll start at what I know best (and what is one of my favorite ongoing activities) – story time!  Story time is a free activity, and there is usually a pretty good-sized crowd in attendance, so don’t be late (due to occupancy limits, they can only allow so many people into the auditorium).  This is a well-run gig, with enthusiastic teachers running the session (which usually consists of a couple of books, some songs, puppets, and at the end…bubbles!).  I took Jack to the toddler story time when we first moved here, and that didn’t go so well (it’s loud and things move fast in an attempt to keep up with toddler attention spans).  Now that he’s gotten older and matured a bit, we attend the “big kid” session and it’s a much better experience for him.

But what I really love is that they have a story time for little babies (0-1 year of age).  When Jack was a baby, and my only child, I felt like most activities were geared towards toddlers and older kids, and it was hard to find things to do that were truly geared towards a small baby.  I really appreciate that the Smith Public Library has an activity that caters towards the tiniest of babies (and I’m sure I’m not alone here…it’s great to have baby-friendly activities).  The timing also works out great for us, because baby story time follows big kid story time, which means we get a whole lotta stories in!

Here is the schedule for Story Time at the Smith Public Library in Wylie.

Books, books, and more books...this is just a small portion of the children's area.

This summer, kids of all ages can participate in the 2012 Summer Reading Club.  Kids will get a reading log to record their reading, and will be eligible for prizes.  The Reading Club Kick-Off event is June 8th from 9-11:45 AM and will include a book fair, a bounce house (oh, my kid is going to love this!), a petting zoo (and the baby will love it, too!), and face painting.

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The fun doesn’t stop there!  There will be free activities taking place for all of June (and July). You can see the full schedule here (I am most excited about the Critterman…I don’t know who he is, but I like critters so I’m sure he’s got to be awesome, right?!).

One of the great things about the library (any library, not just this one), is that it opens up entire new worlds to our children through the magic of books.  As a child, I always had my nose in a book, and as soon as I finished one, I was starting another.  I remember being told, over and over again, to “put the book down!” by frustrated teachers, and not because they didn’t want me to read…but rather, because they didn’t want me to read when I was supposed to be doing something else (like, say, MATH).

But not everyone loves to read like I did, and if you have an older child who needs encouragement reading and is reluctant to practice, the Smith Public Library has a four-legged friend just waiting to listen to your child practice his or her reading skills!  I had the pleasure of meeting Abby, the sweetest Collie in town, and I can assure you that your kids will love her, too (even dog-shy children…Abby is big, but gentle, and laid down on her side for my nervous son to pat her on the head).  You can find Abby’s schedule here, and more information on the reading program she helps with (Tails of Joy) here.

It’s never too early to love books, and with the Rita & Truett Smith Public Library nearby, it’s easy to get reading!