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Summer Bucket List Failure

Summer Bucket List Failure
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As the school year came to a close, I kept telling the kiddos that we needed to start on our summer bucket list. With end of the school year activities, finals and graduations it kept getting pushed off. Finally I set a paper and pen out at dinner, and asked what we wanted to this summer since we were already a few days into it. The response was only mildly enthusiastic and the list was short. I added a couple of things to it over the next few days.

Finally I decided to spend a few free minutes to write up our list big and pretty on a piece of cardstock and hang in a prominent place. Surely that would help the excitement level rise! But I spent those precious free minutes trying to find the list to no avail. I even spent some time recently cleaning off my desk and still haven’t found our lame summer bucket list. Not that it matters at this point since the kids are back in school. All that’s left of the summer is the heat!

Even though our list was scrawny, from what I remember, we accomplished most everything on it. Swimming – check; summer camp – check; vacation – check; trip to the mall – check, check. (We did that one twice.)  Our bucket list was weak, but we did a lot of what we loved; reading, playing and being together. The ultimate test of a successful summer is the number of times I hear that dreaded saying, “I’m bored”. The smaller the number, the better the summer. I’m happy to report my kiddos didn’t complain about being bored until the last few days before school.

I’d love to hear how you did with your summer bucket list; just don’t rub it in too much!


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