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St. Patricks T-Shirts


Here's a nightmare for you.

You have a crazy busy week and you space that it's St. Patricks Day. And then you send your poor innocent little children off to school NOT WEARING GREEN. That's not going to be a recess they'll want to remember.

Check out these adorable DIY St. Patricks t-shirts from eighteen25. The shirts are adorable and you should make them now so you're not scrambling on the morning of St. Patricks Day. That fleck of green in the pattern on their socks does NOT count.

Image from eighteen25

Image from eighteen25

Go Green!

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Resources: St. Patrick's Day

March 17th is around the corner… and we have your St. Patrick’s Day fun covered! We’ve gathered buckets ‘o resources to help you chase leprechauns, sing Irish songs and make Green Velvet Cupcakes. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!