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Spring Make-Up

What are you wearing for Spring?
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Not just on your body, but on your face?  You don’t want to be sporting your Winter look around town, it’s a little much for all the sunshine and warm weather.  No one wants to see a heavy smoky eye during the day when you’re out among the tulips.

Think warm thoughts when you go shopping for a Spring makeup palette.  Whip out your pinks, purples, {yes, sparkly purple eyeliner is h-o-t} and blues.  Seriously, blues.  There’s no need to whip out your Wet n’ Wild from High School, but blue eyeliner can really bring out a little va-va-voom in your blue eyes.

Go lighter with your nail polish too.  Bright, bold colors are totally in right now and nail polish is a great way to go lighter with your style.  You wouldn’t wear Orange on your face {I hope} but no one will blink if you put it on your toenails.  And if they do, blink that is, they’re not girlfriends you want to be getting a pedicure with anyway.

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This is my general makeup palette, but I wear light almost iridescent colors in the Spring and Summer.  Keep it simple, light, and fresh now that the sun is finally coming out.  Go a little crazy with color- banish the greys to the back corner of the closet with your Winter clothes, where they won’t see the light of day until Fall.


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Making Up For Spring

When March hits and I’ve had it with Winter, the first thing I reach for is a bottle of bright nail polish to paint my toes. Sometimes I’m even so sick of covering up that I pull out the open-toed shoes when the slush is still four inches deep--like I can change the weather with the Force of Footwear.