Spring Into Action with Cub Scouts

Spring has sprung here in Arizona
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In fact, the time is short between the official start of spring and temperatures soaring to triple digits. Before the heat hits in full force, here are some fun ways to spring into action with your Cub Scout – or really any child.

Plant something

Nothing says spring like planting a garden! If you have a Wolf Cub, he can pass off Elective 15a – d by planting and raising a box garden, a flower bed, vegetables or growing a plant indoors. Our family has mastered the art of planting – it’s the growing part that gives us trouble. The Bear Scouts have a landscaping elective (number 14). Webelos need to plant 20 forest tree seedlings for Requirement 8 of their Forester pin.

We had fun planting our own Chia Pets. Pour a cup of potting soil into the toe of a knee high nylon, put and then sprinkle grass seed on top.  Tie a knot to keep everything in place.  Next we hot glued google eyes and pom-poms to make a face (or something like a face).  Soak it in water and set in a sunny place.  I was surprised at how quickly they started growing grass; it was less than a week.

A visit to the Desert Botanical Garden is not only fun, it passes off Wolf Elective 15e.

Service project

A great way to spring into action is with a service project. How about a family service walk? You get exercise, clean up the neighborhood and your Wolf scout can pass off Achievement 7d. Bear requirement 6b can is planting a tree, which combines growing something with a service project. An outdoor conservation project is part of the Webelos Outdoorsman requirements.

Mad jumping skills

Why not get outside and see who has the best standing long jump (Wolf Elective 20i), high jump (Wolf Requirement 1f), or running jump. 10 second sprints are always fun – and exhausting! (Wolf Elective 20h) Some of the same activities can be used for Bear Scouts to pass off Achievement 16a and c. Webelos can develop their skills while working on their Athlete pin.

Remember to keep the outing in Scouting. Even if your family doesn’t include a Cub Scout these are great activities to get outside and enjoy nature! If you do have Cub Scouts, it’s always good to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. (No birds or Cub Scouts were harmed in the writing of this article.)

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