Spring Celebrations: St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Spring Celebrations: St. Patrick’s Day Fun
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Spring is basically knocking on my windows and doors, and I’m getting super excited for the daffodils to pop up. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are almost a stone’s throw away.

Are you ready to celebrate them? Or am I the only one who’s looking for a reason to do a spring dance and celebrate, in order  to beg the sunshine stay?

Here’s a bit of inspiration to help get you prepped for St. Patrick’s Day and spring. Whether you’ll be rocking the green on March 17 is totally up to you.

My daughter recently discovered Lucky Charms (much to my dismay…), and is understanding more and more of what I’m telling her these days (We just had crocodile tears when I told her she couldn’t have cold cereal for breakfast, but how about some oatmeal or toast with peanut butter. No joke– she’s sensitive). She loved Valentine’s day with all the finger painting, cookie decorating, new pink hair bows, and a lunch date with one of her Valentines (me).

And now I feel like I’ve set a high bar for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. For every year from here on out, haha. I know on St. Patty’s she’d love this meal from Thoughtfully Simple, and to do a craft like this sunshine one. And, well, I’d love a reminder to look on the bright side of spring rain showers. I think I can manage those things this year.

Before we know it, we’ll be dyeing eggs and wearing short sleeves. Spring is coming. I can feel it.

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