Snow in Arizona

Generally, when you think of a fun place to play in the snow, Arizona doesn’t exactly spring to mind.
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That is is one of the most appealing aspects of Arizona, however; you can hike in the desert in the morning and be in the pines, skiing by afternoon.

With a few days of the holiday break left, my crew all piled into the family vanster and took a trip north, to Flagstaff, Arizona.  Accompanied by Ryan’s girlfriend, Brooke, and Shannon’s friend, Emmalee, we ventured to an unknown snow spot.

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So where is this fabled snow in Arizona?

It was a brisk 35 degrees when we arrived at Wing Mountain.  We unloaded our plastic sleds and saucers, ready to embark on our Arctic adventure.  Daniel showed no fear as he climbed the smaller of two hills and careened down the slope on his toboggan.  The smile frozen on his face was a combination of excitement and a cold blast of air.   His first ride down was thrilling enough to send him running up the larger of the two mountains.

My first attempt down the big hill was an exciting start to my day.  I gingerly boarded the plastic sled with trepidation, only to be sent hurtling over the glistening snow.  On the way down, I lost not only my hat, but my dignity.  I tried to gracefully stop my plastic rocket, however, I came to a stop in a wet, slushy mess.  Although I wound up with ice in my jeans, the adrenaline I was feeling quickly melted that ice away.

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Shannon and Emmalee had fun riding tandem down the hill but, being typical teenaged girls, decided they wanted to scope out the area for cute boys.  They wound up taking a break from the slopes to play in the snow in the wooded area directly behind the summit of the sled mountain.  I joined them, with Daniel, and we engaged in a snow ball fight.  Emmalee must have been practicing her fastball because she beemed me smack in the side of the head!  Now my glasses were filled with snow to match my jeans!  As Emmalee attempted to apologize, she and Shannon had a difficult time squealching their laughter.

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While overall it was a really fun day, we did have a few setbacks.  Emmalee lost the bottom of her boot and all the snow got into her shoe.  One of our saucers cracked.  And poor Brooke came close to suffering a mild concussion when she was taken out by a wayward sledder.  Nonetheless, we overcame the icy patches of the day and enjoyed our family adventure in the frozen tundra that is Arizona.