Snow Day Fun In NYC

Snow Day Fun In NYC
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Snow days are a glorious thing for kids of all ages — a day with no school or work when you can build a new best friend out a snow, construct an igloo for him to call home and decorate his lawn with a few snow angels. You can embark on a battle of epic proportions if you know how to make a snowball and you can fly like the wind as you sled down the steepest hill in town. However, some snow days are just too cold for a lot of outside fun.

This is categorized as a day when it is too cold to venture outside!

On those days when you just can’t bundle up tight enough, stay inside and try a few of these indoor winter wonderland activities that are great for any home, whether you have a mansion or a tiny city apartment.


A fun way to take the kids’ minds off the adventures they’re missing outside is to really turn the heat up inside. No matter how old your child is, there is always something they can do to help you out in the kitchen, whether it’s helping to measure ingredients, pouring the concoction into the baking dish or decorating the finished product. Cooking with your kids not only creates a lot of fun and memories, it instills some life skills and provides a tasty reward when all is said and done. Just be sure to emphasize the importance of safety when working with a hot oven and to never leave younger children unattended in the kitchen.

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Make a Fort

You may not be able to build an igloo outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a fantasy world inside. If it’s been cold lately, you’ve probably already taken out all the extra blankets, so why not work with your kids to create an awesome pillow and blanket fort? Other than pillows and blankets, a few chairs, sofa cushions and maybe some cardboard boxes along with clips to hold everything together would make fantastic building supplies.

After collecting the necessary materials, remember to not be the parent. Let your kids come up with creative ideas of how to put the fort together. You will be amazed by the ideas your kids develop!

Arts and Crafts

There is never a bad time to break out the paints and markers. There is a reason most schools and classes offer time for arts and crafts: it’s something fun and creative every child can do no matter their age or skill level. However, instead of the typical few sheets of paper per child, try covering an entire wall with paper to see what kind of mural your group of youngsters can put together. When trying this out, just be careful to use washable paint and markers in case anything soaks through the paper to the wall underneath. If you’re looking forward to spring, you can even bring out a few ceramic pots and have the kids paint them to match the flowers that will be planted in them in just a few short months.

Dance Party

Most moms love outdoor activities because it gives the kids an easy and healthy way to get out all that excess energy. Since it’s too cold to go outdoors, get some fun music and try having dance party to tire those kids out. There are tons of CDs out there that have songs either written specifically for younger children or edited for the younger ears. Find a good kids dance party mix and let your kids jump around. They will be excited to show you some of their awesome moves and this will safely allow them to get a fun workout while they are cooped up inside. To make things even more fun, you can string up some Christmas or disco lights if you have them and turn down the regular lights to create a more exciting environment.


After a day of fun, there is nothing more relaxing for you or your kids than snuggling up under any extra blankets that didn’t make into the fort and watching a family-friendly movie with popcorn and hot chocolate in hand. With the frigid air outside, this will be the best and most warm-hearted way to end a fun-filled day stuck inside. Just make sure you pick a movie everyone can agree on; you definitely don’t want any tantrums during the relaxing part of the day!


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Snow in Arizona

Generally, when you think of a fun place to play in the snow, Arizona doesn’t exactly spring to mind.