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Six Last-Minute Valentine Card Ideas for Tots

I am getting so excited now that my little one is getting her own set of friends and favorite people.
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It makes everything more fun, including one of my favorite holidays– Valentines Day.

So for Valentines, I’m totally crushing on the idea of making some things for her little (and big) friends (and at least one foe– my brother who she just can’t seem to warm up to).

But, as luck would have it, we’ve been dealing with ear infections, stomach flu, colds and bronchitis for the last month. I’m of course down to the wire now to get something ready for her first real Valentines Day party.

Last year about the best she could celebrate was by donning a little red and pink and heading to a playgroup where she stared at everyone safely from my lap.

Here are a few of my favorites floating around Pinterest. Most look right up my alley (cheap, simple and lacking candy… because no one [me] really needs it).

DIY Love Potion via 6th Street Design School. She used a bottle of punch from Target, but you could just as easily use a juice box or other drink (depending on the crowd). The free printable is available here.

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You Blow Me Away Valentine via  Lil’ Luna. Found in the party section of Target or Wal-Mart, these mini bubbles are perfect for a little one’s Valentine Party. The free printable (a Silhouette version and flat card version) is available here.

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Love Bug Valentines via dandee. These would be perfect for the little man in your life who is obsessed with creatures great and small. I know I’ve seen these fake bugs all over the party section, dollar store and toy department. The free printable is available here.

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Magnifying Glass Valentine. Dandee does it again in the little boy department. These magnifying glass Valentine cards are perfect for a candy-less preschool class. The free printable for this diy is available here.

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Have A Ball Valentine via Love the Day. Something so simple is perfect for every kid. A similar free printable is available here (via Dixie Delights).

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Heartfelt Valentines via Googly eyes, glue, and a paper punch, pen and scrap paper is all it takes to make this cute little card. I think my heart would melt if my little one received this from a friend! DIY available here.