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Simple Valentines Day with Kids

Celebrating holidays with kids makes them so much more fun. And that includes Valentine’s Day.
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I think this holiday sometimes gets a bad rap. Too many women hate the holiday because they didn’t have someone who “loved” them when they were teenagers or even in their twenties when Valentine’s Day came around. Or maybe they don’t like roses and chocolate? I don’t know. But I have always loved Valentine’s Day. To me, Valentine’s is all about sharing love. We all have people in our lives that we love. What a great day to show our husbands, or kids, or extended family members that we love them! And that doesn’t have to mean big elaborate plans either.

Last year we had a fun breakfast of heart-shaped pink pancakes. I made heart-shaped pizza for dinner that night. My kids loved it

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So simple, but so fun. The night before Valentine’s my husband and I had set out some things for the kids to wake up to. Jesse had gotten them each a heart-shaped chocolate from See’s candy. And I cut out pink hearts and wrote “I love you because…” and wrote out some of the things I love about them for each boy. At the bottom of it I told them at the end that mostly I love them because they are my sons and I love being their mom. I was a little worried that they’d love the chocolate and not care much for my notes. But they all thanked me for them. It wasn’t til later that day that I learned of how much it really did mean to them.

My two older boys later in the day were busy working on something I was NOT allowed to see. Eventually they came and blindfolded me, then led me upstairs. They took me into my room and took off the blindfold. There laying across my bed was a big poster they’d made saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom. We love you” with hearts drawn all over. Then each of them had cut out hearts and written to me, “I love you because…” like I had done to them that morning. It was so sweet. I cried. I was so touched by their notes and to realize that these things I do for them mean something to them. Those expressions of love are precious. So simple, but so meaningful.

I’m not into spending tons of money to go out to dinner with my husband on Valentine’s Day. That’s just me. I know there are a lot of great restaurants that make a romantic night for a couple. But my style is more like what we did last year. After we had put the kids to bed, Jesse and I lit a fire in the fireplace, had some Trader Joe’s cheesecake, and went over some questions I found online “Getting to know your sweetheart” to learn a little more about each other. You know how you talk about so many things when you are dating to get to know each other? But then the longer you’re married although you KNOW each other better, there’s things you don’t talk about as much – like what kind of posters did you have on your wall when you were younger? Or did you have a neighbor that really influenced you? It was so nice to just spend some time just talking about life and each other.

I’ve seen a lot of fun ideas online this year. I made this heart wreath to add to my decor. It was really simple to make – just my style! I love the idea of 14 days of Valentines. Why celebrate just one day when you can have 14 fun days of cute little ideas to show love to your spouse or your kids? Need some cute ideas for your kids’ class Valentines? I’m using these for my boys this year. Superheroes all the way! How about a pencil with a cute note attached, saying “You’re just ‘write’ for me”? Simple, but fun. And I’m thinking this cake may have to make it into my Valentine’s plans this year! So many fun things to do; show many ways to say “I love you”. Have a great Valentine’s Day!