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Simple Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is perhaps my most favorite holiday.

The primary reason is because it hasn’t been completely ruined by consumerism, for the most part it still holds its true meaning. If you set aside the indulgent, over-eating part! When I think of Thanksgiving – simplicity comes to mind. A reference to the more simple days when the holiday originated.

We do not usually decorate for any holidays, but I’m the kind of person who will let my toddler play with Christmas lights on our window when it’s July. As a family we choose to focus more on celebrating the every day rather than special holidays (or the stress). But when it comes to any holiday decor I am all for simple and modern. Nothing over the top, especially not for Thanksgiving. Here are some simple Thanksgiving decorations for your Home Sweet Home:

  • A great idea from Better Homes and Gardens, a simple arrangement of rocks and moss that works well for any occasion, Thanksgiving included:
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  • Use wheat for a modern centerpiece that will only take a few minutes to make, directions at Martha Stewart:
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  • Have a little time on your hands? Make a Be Thankful Board, the Crafting Chicks give step by step directions.
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