Should Teenagers Trick or Treat?

Should Teenagers Trick or Treat?
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Apparently some folks in Apex, North Carolina are so concerned they’ve laid down the law. Literally. As in a town ordinance:

Sec. 14-18. – Halloween restrictions.

(a) No person over 12 years of age shall engage in the practice of “trick or treating” at any time.(WLTX)

Heaven forbid.

Let’s be real. Do you really care if you get teen-aged trick or treaters on your doorstep? And the next question: WHY???

Out of all the places my teenagers could be on Halloween night, I’d love for them to be trick or treating.

It’s like no one really knows what to do with teenagers on Halloween. Should they stay home and pass out candy? Go to a Halloween rager? Go water balloon some cars?

Or maybe just go out and trick or treat with some friends and be part of your neighborhood? As long a teenagers aren’t causing any trouble for the little kids I’m more than happy to hand out the candy. We don’t get enough trick or treaters anyway.

People’s opinions are all over the map. There are polls spread across the internet with people weighing in on cut off ages for dressing up and going door to door for candy. Check out this discussion on Facebook:

The discussion ranged all over the map.

One person commented:

“I’m tired of enabling people, period! (These) young adults DO NOT need to go door to door asking for candy!!!! Get a job!!!”

Hostile much? I think we’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill.

We all mourn the fact that our kids grow up too fast — so why are we pushing them out of Halloween so fast?

What do you think? What’s the cutoff age for trick or treaters?