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Shamrock Treasure Hunt Printable

St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Sunday this year, which means I’ll have a nice leisurely morning to spend with my kiddos.
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But my girl is a bit too picky to celebrate with green tinted breakfast foods.

Sure, my 2-year-old son would power through green eggs like nobody’s business, but if I want to find something we can all enjoy, I’m going to need to drum up a little creative fun.

Nothing says fun like an early morning treasure hunt!

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Our St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Treasure Hunt Printable includes eight shamrock clues and a pot of gold to hide at the end of the rainbow. Download the full size file here.

Use the fill-in-the-blanks to make the the shamrock clues as easy or tricky as your kiddos will enjoy and place whatever treats or treasures strike your fancy on that pot of gold.

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Based how how excited my kids get over the cardboard roll when paper towels are all used up, we’ll probably just hide that paper pot of gold and call it good!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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