Sending ecards Holiday Cards Can Save Time and Money

Before having kids, I was a huge advocate for hand-signed holiday cards.
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I would feel completely snubbed and put out if a card came in the mail with the family name and holiday greeting pre-printed. But now, with two young kids at home, I get it. I hand signed only two cards this year, and the rest got pre-printed messages. They were stuffed, with a lot of love of course, and shoved in the mail slot. My thought now is that I’m lucky to be getting the cards out in the first place, so don’t be expecting anything above and beyond the darling design I picked out from Tiny Prints and the cuteness of my kids.

There was a small part of me that wanted to forgo holiday cards all together this year so I researched some other options, like ecards, that can be made in minutes and sent in seconds, no hand-writing or stuffing & stamping required.

Here are are some of my favorites: If you haven’t heard of someecards, you need to check them out and follow them on Twitter for hilarity every day.

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Kudoboard: Kudoboard is more like a Pinterest-y, slideshow version of an ecard with options to collaborate with multiple users. They're also great for recognizing people for work anniversaries and such. You can even print them out as posters if you want to immortalize your board IRL.

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JibJab: One some levels these videos creep me out, but my kids just laughed harder than I’ve ever seen when I showed them this video. It was quite easy and fun to make too.

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It is free to create the video and to email it out, but it costs $4.99 if you want to download it and have it to post on your site. Hence the reason I am only showing you a screen shot of our video (I’m cheap!).

Animoto: I love Animoto for making quick animated videos out of photos.


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Easy Handmade Holiday Cards

I’m ashamed to admit that last years Christmas cards went out somewhere around the 22nd of December - not even a magician could make them arrive in Australia for the big day, what with the time difference and all.