Secrets to Designing Spectacular Reception Tents

Wedding season is in full swing and tent receptions are all the rage!
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Decorating a big blank white tent can be daunting to even the most creative of brides. Below you’ll find ways the professionals like Party Belles create an intimate affair, whether your wedding is for 50 or 500.

For smaller tents:

Envision the room in three horizontal planes: the sky, the eye and the earth. Prioritize what is the most important to you but do not neglect the other two! Think if you were having your reception in a ballroom, overhead the ‘sky’ is the chandeliers, the ‘eye’ is wall sconces and wall paper and the earth is the flooring or even the tabletops.

One of our most popular decoration packages consists of fabric draping for the sky, twinkle lights running around the tent perimeter for the eye, and the use of an abundance of decorative votives on the tables for earth, to create a magical transition from day to evening.

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For larger tents:

To make large tents appear intimate, create the feel of ‘rooms’ within the tent. By designing personalized décor to the different areas of your reception, you are fooling the mind into forgetting that you’re swimming in an ocean of space. Not only that, creating rooms breaks up the monotony of the entire tent looking the same, leaving the guests with no motivation to mingle about the entire tent. Some fun rooms to create are: the bar (all the better to give the guests different surroundings if they are waiting for drinks), the dance floor, the head table area, a photograph area and the cake/dessert area.

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Our next post will go into the specifics of each of them and give you ideas on how to differentiate by décor the rooms of your tent