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Schmitts Farms PYOP: Pick your own pumkins…

PYOP, my new abbreviation for Pick Your Own Pumpkins. Kind of like BYOB, but a bit more autumn related.
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Fall is my favorite time of the year, and one of my favorite memories is getting lost in a corn maze as it rained on us. It really wasn’t so funny at the time, I was cold and annoyed, but looking back, that really was priceless. We had to leave sticks in the ground to track which parts we had seen and which paths we never crossed. My favorite holiday is of course, Halloween, which is probably why I have a strange obsession with corn mazes, pumpkin patches and haunted houses. The smell of apple cider, the taste of doughnuts from the mill, and of course, what would fall be without some pumpkin picking! If you have a car, and live anywhere near the NYC area, you must head out to Long Island and visit Schmitts Farms. Not only can you pick your own wildly huge pumpkins from their patch, but there is tons to do for kids out there!

I would have to say that we pretty much go there every year, and here is why. There is a fire truck slide, a tree house slide, a pumpkin patch playground, free hay rides (the real kind), pony rides, long islands largest straw pyramid, inflatables, fresh baked pies… I mean, if you’re not sold already there really is not much more I could tell you, other than if you go to their website you can print out a coupon for $1 off the daytime corn maze. Oh, and did I mention they have a haunted mansion too? And yes, it will scare the bejezees out of your kids, in a good way.

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What would a patch be without some ghoulish evening activities? A haunted corn maze? I am definitely doing that this year, you might find me under a corn stalk with a flashlight and a stick.

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