Scent your home for the holidays – Soy Comfort Candles

I love candles. The flickering light, the warm feeling they impart to the home, it’s just wonderful.
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And let’s not forget the scents. The right scent can perk a home right up and brighten up any occasion.

If you’re looking for a local source for some really lovely candles, look no further than Soy Comfort. This Etsy shop is based in Burleson, run by Rita Chataignier. In keeping with her desire to use ingredients that are as safe for our environment as possible, she makes her candles using 100% soy wax, and the candles are dye-free.

I had the opportunity to purchase some candles from Soy Comfort. The scents I ordered were Candied Yams, Cranberry Peppermint, Pomegranate Cider, and Victorian Christmas. With all of them, I found the candles’ throw to be strong. I was able to smell the candles throughout my kitchen and dining area and living room. The candles burned cleanly, without a lot of soot accumulation on the jars. Out of the scents I selected, I think Victorian Christmas was my favorite for this time of year – it just had that smell we typically think of when we think of Christmas. However, with an extensive scent list for Christmas and any time of year, Soy Comfort has something to appeal to everyone.

Soy Comfort offers both candles and wax melts, so you can shop with her whether you prefer a candle or a tart burner. I found prices to be reasonable and shipping to be quick. If you’re looking for a lovely candle, for yourself or as a gift, stop by Soy Comfort’s Etsy shop and take a look!


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