Romantic Valentine Dinner At…. Chick-Fil-A?

Last night my family went out for our weekly Chick-fil-A fix and I saw something that made me giggle to myself a little.

They had a cute little table set up to advertise their upcoming “Valentine Date Night”.  There was a table for two, a white table cloth, a candle, and some flowers.  Very cute.

This leads me to ask…”Really?”

According to the sign, “Families, couples and singles are welcome.  Table-side service along with live music will be provided and ladies will receive a flower.”  Here’s the kicker… “No reservations required.”

Now, I am joking and making this sound like a crazy idea, and I’m not saying that it isn’t, but it’s very interesting.  Our Chick-fil-A is always doing something out of the box.  This is no exception.  I think it is very creative and I give props to the PR person.

So, if you are in the Murphy area on Saturday February 11 from 5:00 pm-7:30 pm, come join the romantic atmosphere that only Chick-Fil-A can offer.  I’ll be there… with my kids screaming like maniacs in the play area.  I wonder how that will work with the music going on?  We will see….

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