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Redbook Magazine Party Host Experience

Two weekends ago, I hosted my first Redbook magazine party sponsored by both Redbook magazine and Suave.
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After applying online to host this party with Suave goodies for guests, I was uber pleased to have been selected and started my party planning right away.

With the suggestion of a co-worker, I decided to do a red carpet theme (to tie in the theme of Redbook magazine) and encouraged guests to wear black dresses and hats. My daughter and I had fun shopping at Party City for decorations and laid out snacks (fruits, veggies, mini-cupcakes and Straw Hat Pizza) for guests. To boot, my younger sister brought her strawberry cake pops – which were absolutely yummy –to  solidfy the theme.

My co-worker assumed the role of party photographer and snapped pictures of us with our cute Redbook bags. We spent the rest of the time hanging out being “Chatty Cathys.” It was a fun night and am looking forward to hosting my next Redbook Happy Hour party with the theme “Tea Party with Karaoke” (I can’t carry a tune, but it won’t stop me from belting out a song).

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