Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards
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Classroom valentine’s appear to have evolved in the…oh…25 years since I last found myself carefully addressing a wee pile of tear-apart Scooby Doo cards.

Pinterest tells me that the creativity ante has been upped, people.

And while I’m ALL FOR waving your handmade flag high and fast, I’m also a fan of things that are easy.

Bonus points for stuff that’s easy AND adorable…like these Printable Valentine’s Day Cards that Juliann whipped up for us.

Not only are they perfect for a boy or a girl (to give, or receive) but they utilize Smarties, one of the more economical candies available.

Use the money you saved by downloading this free printable and go track down a salted caramel something for yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day, TO YOU.

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Download the full size Printable Valentine’s Day Cards here.

Instructions: Print sheet, cut along green lines, and use a bit of glue to affix a roll of Smarties candy to the shaded area on the card. Get ready to party.