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Printable Summer Bucket List

Printable Summer Bucket List
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Last week our staff shared their summertime to-do’s:

My totally do-able summer bucket list.

Shannon’s delicious-sounding and vacation-y summer bucket list.

Amy’s Close to Home Summer Bucket List

Carina’s All-American Hot Summer Bucket List with, count ‘em, 60 ideas

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Erica’s Summer Fun Bucket List

Get a little summer inspiration and then use our handy Printable Summer Bucket List to keep your eyes on the prize as the temperature climbs. (Say that five times fast.)

It’s the perfect compliment to our To Do for Fun List.

My method?

Whip up the Summer Bucket List (download the full size version here) and then use the To Do for Fun List to break the summer into bite-sized pieces each week.

By September you’ll have made the most of summer, for sure.


EO_summer bucket list

Erin’s Summer Bucket List

Erin's Summer Bucket List…everything from what we’re going to do, movies we’re going to see, food we’re going to eat, and crafts we’re going to enjoy.

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Summer Bucket List Failure

Summer Bucket List Failure

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Summer Bucket List Challenge

Summer Bucket List Challenge

lemonade stand

Summer Bucket List Checkup

Summer is on it's way out, school is running us down fast; it's time to check in on your summer bucket lists!

summer by the sea

Carina's Summer Bucket List

Rootbeer floats, seashells, and catching a snake; it's a classic American summer bucket list to celebrate the season with your family.

Garden Stepping Stones

Amy's Summer Bucket List

I'm hoping this summer bucket list will help guide our choices when we have a long, hot afternoon to fill.

Shannons bucket list

Shannon's Summer Bucket List

From Homewood to bounce houses, training to be like Michael Phelps, and blowing bubbles, we're doing up this summer bucket list.

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My 2013 Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket Lists are a great way to make sure to get all the warm weather fun in without any regrets!