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Perfect Halloween Date Night

This year, I’m taking time out from the kid-crazy Halloween bonanza for a bonafide date night with my boyfriend, Mark.
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It’s been years since I went to a Halloween bash for adults only, so when my friend, Gina, a Miami attorney, invited us to join her and her boyfriend for Nightmare on the Beach, I couldn’t pass up the chance. Miami is my hometown, which means we could visit my parents and actually enjoy a Halloween date night without worrying about a babysitter.

For years I’d heard about it from various friends and colleagues: a massive party on an oceanfront estate that takes the term haunted mansion to a whole other level. There are Cirque-style performers, tables and tables of tasty eats from the city’s top restaurants, and of course, top-shelf people-watching. Everybody gets dressed up for this thing, and by dressed up, I mean DRESSED UP. From what I’ve heard the costumes at this place are so over the top, the event should have its own Bravo reality show.

But here’s the best reason, in my opinion, to buy tickets: The folks who put this on are not Miami’s slickest nightclub owners but rather a fantastic organization called the Little Lighthouse Foundation. Their sole purpose is to create over-the-top, you-don’t-want-to-miss-this cultural events for the pure benefit of struggling South Florida families. From reading to homeless kids and sending them home armed with books to providing healthy meals for families with sick kids at the local Ronald McDonald House, these guys work tirelessly to help local families.

If all that isn’t worth a four-hour drive south, I don’t know what is.