Our Fall “Must Do” List

Many people dread when Fall rolls around, because that means the cold, dreary Winter is on its way.
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In our family, Fall is our favorite time of year because it means we get to do things during this time that we don’t do any other time of the year. The weather is cooler, which means time spent outside is more enjoyable. Below are a few of our “must do” activities that make us love Fall so much. It just isn’t Fall for us without these activities:

  1. Buy and eat tons of “monster cereal” (FrankenBerry, CountChocula, and BooBerry). This is the only time of year we buy this cereal, and it makes the Halloween season that much more fun!
  2. Square Pumpkins fromArctic Circle. We love getting square pumpkins during Halloween time! As soon as we see the marquee go up that they are available, we get excited to see what Halloween toys they have this year.
  3. Watch all of thefamily-friendly Halloween or “spooky” movieswe can get our hands on. Movies at the top of our list include Gremlins, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, and Labyrinth.
  4. Take a drive to see the Fall leaves, and collect a few for a centerpiece in our house.A few of our favorite places to see the leaves include Emigration Canyon, and by Cascade Springs. A fun time to do this is during the Homestead Scarecrow Festival! We take the Alpine Loop, stop at Cascade Springs, follow the loop around to Midway and Heber, then stop at The Homestead for lunch/dinner and to see the scarecrows!
  5. Find cool gravesin a cemetery, orvisit a ghost town. This is such a fun and cool photo opportunity! Use online photo editing software to create cool effects! Before going, or after returning home, do all the research and read up on the places you have visited.
  6. Visit the witches and all of the other fun things going on atGardner Village. For us, the Halloween season doesn’t really start until we’ve done the scavenger hunt!

What are some of YOUR “must do” things for Fall? Leave a comment on this post and let us know what you love doing that separates Fall from any other time of year.