Offbeat December Holidays

The month of December is a time of celebration.
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It is full of traditional holidays that give you a lot of opportunities for themed activities and fun times.  However, holiday junkies might be looking for even more days to observe in the month of December.  If that sounds like you, you are in luck!  Here are the more offbeat holidays this month.

December 13th –National Cocoa Day

Heat up a warm cup of hot chocolate for you and the kids.  It is a drink that is guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone’s cold faces.  Don’t forget the marshmallows!

December 16th – The Anniversary of theBoston Tea Party

There are all kind of reenactment possibilities with this holiday!  While we don’t suggest dumping crates of tea into the Trinity River, you could stage a living room protest about things your children are passionate about.  Or you could just make a pitcher of sweet tea and call it a day.

December 18th –Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day

For those that observe this day, please use only unused plungers.  Ick!

December 21st –National Flashlight Day

Take a stroll around your neighborhood after dusk with everyone carrying their trusty flashlights.  The children will get a kick out of it! 

December 26th –Boxing Day

This traditional holiday in the UK dates back centuries.  Those that had plenty or were rich gave presents or “boxes” to their servants or the poor on the day after Christmas.  Since your children have just received new toys and games, it is a great day to go through their belongings and select things that can be donated to charities.