October Is Learning Disabilities Month

October Is Learning Disabilities Month
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October is Leaning Disabilities Month and it is a good time for us to talk about something that is more common in children and adults than previously thought.  If you notice that your child is struggling in school, has trouble sitting still in class, has impulsive behaviors, is extremely distracted, or is falling behind in basic language-based areas, then your child might have a learning disability.  If you notice yourself having or had these issues as a child or even now, it is a good time to be tested for a learning disability.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities is a great organization that can help you as a parent or even an adult struggling with these issues.  They have also been a major player in the fight against bullying. Many kids with learning disabilities have sadly been the target of bullies and they are campaigning for awareness.

Another great resource is the Learning Disabilities Association of America.   This is a membership based association but they do offer free information on their website and via email newsletters.  They have chapters in each of the states and they have quite a few different resources in regards to legislation and dealing with schools.

For Arizona state specific resources, you should check out the Disability Resources Regional Directory.  It has links to everything you would ever need to do in Arizona regarding advocy, transportation, therapy, etc.  It is a quicker way to find resources that meet your needs.

A child with learning disabilities can go on to do great things in life.  It just takes patience and extra assistance from you and your school to help your child through the ups and downs.  Hopefully with more information, parents and children will no longer be bullied or held back in life because of the lack of information or understanding of learning disabilities. Early diagnosis assists in placing your child or the adult on a better path towards understanding themself and their disability.  In this way, they can learn how to help themselves so they can continue to be productive and enjoy life!