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No Elf on the Shelf? Have An Elf for Everyone

Do you have an Elf in your home? Even without an Elf on the shelf, we still enjoy having a couple of elves around. See what elf things we love.

Do you have an elf at your house? Lucky for me, I've got two!

Elves at my House

While we haven't joined in on the crazy Elf on the Shelf tradition, my family loves to discuss elf life and all its particulars.

Do elves sleep with their hats on? Do elves really need to see the dentist? How many elves really live at the North Pole? Are Christmas elves related to the house elves of Harry Potter fame? Do elves really just eat candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup? My son even asked Santa if he could have an elf-made back scratcher in his stocking.

What are the elves at your house discussing?

Here are some of our favorite elf items... and if you must, some Elf on the Shelf ideas to keep you going through the 12 days until Christmas!

1001 Things to Spot at Christmas

Elf Spotting - 1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Book -

Elf the movie

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Back off my Elf on the Shelf

Parents are drawing some drastic lines on either side of a jolly debate about our friend the Elf on the Shelf.

elf on the shelf instagram

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It appears that a lot of families have welcomed a wee Elf into their homes this holiday season. We show you where to get those good hiding places.

which elf is you 2

Which Elf on the Shelf Are You?

Take a quiz to see which Elf on the Shelf you really are!

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Elf on the Shelf

I love Christmas traditions. One of our Christmas traditions is the Elf on the Shelf.

Image placeholder title

Elf on the Shelf Controversy

Elf on the Shelf Controversy


Elf On The Shelf Gone Wild

Let's have a laugh (a grown up one) and no more photos of your dumb elf making snow angels in the flour from your pantry, plz.


Hate Elf on the Shelf? Watch One Get Destroyed

Hate that stupid Elf on the Shelf? Watch what happens when one hits a blender!

Image placeholder title

Elf On The Shelf Gone Wild

Elf On The Shelf makes me want to stab my eyes out.